Teaching Program

Teaching Activity 1 3rd June (6h.): Introduction to EU law and policy

  • EU institutions
  • EU external affairs
  • The EU Common Commercial Policy
  • The internal market
  • The EU Strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

Teaching Activity 2 4th June (6h.): Bilateral trade agreements between the EU and Indo-Pacific countries

  • Bilateral cooperation with third countries through the negotiation and the conclusion of free trade agreements (EU-Japan, EU-Korea, EU-NZ)
  • Integration of sustainability and digital trade in free trade agreements
  • Removal of custom duties

Teaching Activity 3 – 5th June (7h.): EU digital strategy & Investments screening

Morning session: EU digital strategy

  • Global reach of EU digital regulations
    • General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679)
  • The EU’s digital strategy: A Europe fit for the digital age
  • Digital infrastructures regulations and their impact on Indo-Pacific countries
  • European Chips Act (Regulation 2023/1781)

Afternoon session: Securing the strategic autonomy of the EU through investments screening and the promotion of green investments

  • FDI screening framework Regulation (Regulation 2019/452)
  • Foreign subsidies distorting the internal market Regulation (Regulation 2022/560)
  • Taxonomy for sustainable investments Regulation (Regulation 2020/852)

Teaching Activity 4 – 6th June (6h.): EU digital strategy

  • European data strategy
    • European Data Governance Act (Regulation 2022/868)
    • Data Act (Regulation 2023/2854)
  • Digital markets regulations towards a new system for online platforms regulation 
    • Digital Markets Act (Regulation 2022/1925)
    • Digital Services Act (Regulation 2022/2065)
  • Product safety approach to regulating artificial intelligence
    • Artificial Intelligence Act

Teaching Activity 5 – 7th June (7h.): Unilateral rules promoting sustainable trade with the Indo-Pacific region

  • Corporate due diligence directive (CSDD)
  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) (Regulation 2023/956)
  • Reduction of the impact of EU consumption and production on deforestation and forest degradation worldwide (Regulation 2023/1115)
  • Protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein (Regulation 338/97)
  • Conflict-Minerals Regulation (Regulation 2017/821)
  • Elimination of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (Regulation 1005/2008)

Seminar Sessions

Each afternoon after the courses, two hours discussions, case studies, and follow-up shall be available to on-site students. Additional activities (visit of EU institutions, meetings with EU civil servants) might be organised. The lectures will take place from 9am to noon Brussels time (CET) to allow students from the Indo-Pacific region to attend online.

Learning Outcomes

Enabling students to grasp the main political and legal issues related to the functioning of the EU and its external role in the Indo-Pacific (EU’s regulations of value chains, green investments, etc.).